Personal Profile


Mr. Ukwu Daniel Nkemakolam (JP) is the Executive Director and Founder of Daniel Ukwu Leadership Foundation (DULF). He is a trained professional banker having spent the greater part of his career in the banking sector. Mr. Daniel is very passionate about his mission on leadership challenges.

Before delving into the banking industry, Mr. Ukwu who started from the cradle at Ubahu Township Primary School and passed through Ihube Boys’ High School and Umuna High School, all in Okigwe, Imo State, holds B.Sc Accounting (Unilag), MBA Marketing (UNN) and other academic qualifications to his credit. He is an Associate member of Chartered Institution of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN).

He has volunteered for many projects and joined several organizations over the years, but he never felt like he was really making a difference. When asked about his leadership mission, Mr. Ukwu said, “My mission is to improve the leaders of our generation. I believe we can make government/institutions better for everyone. I want to do my share here in Africa to educate people and improve the quality of life for our citizens.”

Dannyboy as he is fondly called, has an endless passion for appropriate and well directed leadership, the type that returns and transforms all the errors of selfish leadership. For the past couple of years, he has remained relentless in his bid to better the lives of people especially widows, school drop outs, youths, children and mothers within the South-East, especially Enugu.

Through DULF, he actively and single-handedly committed himself to providing medical services, HIV testing, and counselling to the teachers and students in different government secondary schools in Enugu without a collaborative effort from any funding agencies, coalition or even individual resource mobilization. He also holds periodic interactive seminar, training and mentorship on leadership.

Mr. Ukwu remains unwavering about affecting lives especially when it appears too stormy and inaccessible, that he continues to work through it all. He remains the ideal organization’s prescription for delivery and right leadership.

He is an instrument for peace, conflict resolution, and advocacy for the marginalized and the poor. He actively belongs to Rotary Club International and has served as Club President amongst other responsibilities. He is an active member of Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship. Happily married with children, Mr. Ukwu enjoys watching football.