DULF Inauguration


Introduction of M.C- The master of the ceremony Miss Amaka Anazodo of Radio F.M 92.6 was by 1.10pm.

Members of the high table were introduced as they were shoe their seats.

Opening Prayer: This was done by C.I. Ndu the representative of Global Missions International (GLOMINT).

National Anthem: the National Anthem was sung as well as the pledge to our nation.


Dignitaries present were:

  • Joy Ezilo Founder WACOL
  • Emeka Ezeji Representing His Lordship, Rt. Rev. E. O.

Chukwu, Bishop of Anglican Church

  • Uche Anioke MD, Acena Publisher Ltd.
  • Willy Emenari MD Wilcox International Ltd.
  • J. C. Azubuike Former Dean UNN
  • Obuneme Ekwueme MD The Enugu Clinic
  • Patricia Ukwu CBN Staff, Awka Branch
  • Barister Mogbo CBN Staff, Awka Branch
  • Patrick Ejeagwu                MD Peekay Garden
  • Jackson Eziallor Anglican Priest
  • Pastor Chijindu Pastor Old Path Revival Commission
  • Emmanuel Nwankwo UNTH
  • Comrade Chukwuka Nnamani


Opening Remark by the Chairman: Rotarian Willy Emenari spoke about the foundation which he felt is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and he commented on the qualities of a good leader which include leading by example especially coming early to meetings, occasions etc. He welcomed all participants to the occasion. He also observed that there was no kola to break in the programme, probably the Director is not a traditional person. He said that he was going through the programme trying to make some amendments.


Mr. Daniel Ukwu the Founder of the Foundation expressed his appreciation for the occasion and why the event was fixed on the day even though it was a day of Nigerian Independence. He read from a power point fixed on the wall-on the topic leadership. He lamented and emphasized on the need for the older generation to show the younger generation the right way for the future. We should not point accusing finger and lament over the past but look for solution for the future.

The second point deals with Nigeria that suddenly found herself into wealth and imported those things they didn’t really need. Trying to change Nigeria to the best of our knowledge, we should keep reading and trying our best to lead Nigeria to her promised land.


Dr. Uche Anioke gave a brief lecture on Leadership as expounded by Chinua Achebe. He asked who a Leader is, whether a leader is a Governor, MD, or Head of an Organization. He said that a Leader is one who leads another even in our homes, friendship, official, unofficial group as far as what one does is in line with what will make all things right. Since the Founder has made us to understand on how to focus on solution and not on the past.

He said that effective communication in all spheres of life is the ability to communicate with one another which leads to effective leadership. Even in the home or when a child is born and the child did not cry, the members of the family will be worried, which is not effective communication. Therefore effective communication is not key to business success. He quoted Proverbs 15:1 on about soft answers that turns away wrath. Communication can be through speech, cry, body language, even in the family between husband and wife through legs touching or anger, fighting with our tongue. Therefore, if we aspire to be leaders we should communicate effectively. If you are a leader, how do you react or respond to an issue? To react is wrong but response is thoughtful careful answer. If our reactions to people are not responses that bring good to another, it is not effective communication. He gave an example of two people on job interview in America. The one with first class and the one with third class who were given the same assignment. They were looking for a man who will lead the company even when there are mistakes, he keeps the company going. At the end one was given the Managing Director human Resources as he has the ability to manage human beings. Leadership is not about telling your kids their wrongs or intimidate, harass, castigate people under you but show empathy warmness.

If we are aspiring leadership there are 3Fs in the office.

  1. If you are aggressive you fight the issue or you disappear from the issue. You must flow or fly-bring the people to the table you must have heard the two sides of an issue before taking a stand, take for an instart like –E 3, E,M – we can see things from different perspectives we should show compassion as there must be a reason for something not be to done. 99% things have been done well but only 1% error is usually picked by people which is not what we should do. That should always ask question (WHY?).

He said that leadership in Nigeria has many made so much progress e.g many primary schools, secondary schools, universities etc are built. We understand that leadership is a continuous thing. We should think on active listening instead of being bad speakers or bad listeners.

In leadership, we should not assume but we can interrupt a bit to ask questions to encourage the speaker when he/she is off the target.

The chairman thanked Mr. Uche Anioke who talked as if he was the Guest Lecturer. He advised participants to read our text messages very well as communication is a key to effective leadership.

Guest Lecturer Rev. Jackson C. Ezealor- said that the problem is with the Leader who is not to lead himself.

A Leader should asked himself:-

  1. What is my vision for life?
  2. What is your background?
  3. Where am I going?
  4. How far can I go?
  5. Who and who will work with me.

Wealth to wealth- if you don’t have vision and you have ambition, you have destroyed the system.

What do I want? To be a trillion naira?

Effective Leader should be a man of the people and should be humble as you bring yourself low in order to carry everybody along. Your inner self destroy your progress. A leader should look at the faces of his workers. If we want Nigerians progress, we must elect Nigerians like Dangote, Artnur Eze etc who have maintained a steady progress. We must redirect our value system, we should honor men of honor, integrity, honesty in business. Let us go to the base and be sincere, remove selfishness, self-centeredness in order to make the country great.

The M.C. Miss Anazodo talked on mind set, saying we should put on smiling face as we discharge our duties.

The Founder Mr. Daniel Ukwu came again to speak the second time on leadership principles, using power points.


He talked about each of us starting as children being dependent to independent and to inter-dependent on others to help us as we cannot exist alone.

Freedom to choose: God has given us choice to choose what we want.

He talked about leadership’s character-either proactive or reactive, – leadership styles, and character. Good or bad choice is yours. One cannot rise above the limits of one’s character.

In conclusion, he appealed to the participants to strive to change our attitudes.


Prof. J. C Azubuike said that this type of symposium is just a continuum Daniel Ukwu Leadership Foundation is propounding for the future. He defined a Leader as one who controls, directs and organizes a system, country and company, etc.

He said that what politicians have done so far in our nation calls for reorientation of our minds.

Leadership is a qualitative thing, being good in a thing. He used two quotations from Leaders who have done well. Napolean, a dealer in hope, Benjamin D’Isreali- temporal Minister of Britain “I follow the people, am I not their leader? Thomas Jafferson, the 1st President of America. If your actions inspire people to dream more, to do more, learn, to become more- you are a Leader. Things just do not happen, things must be made to happen. The can, with what you have where you are, our young ones have a part to play here. Leadership is an opportunity to serve. Donald Winter said it is not a trumpet to self-importance- where you are- think about these various implications and definitions of leadership- if we want Nigeria to go forward.


Rev. Ezeji- representing His Lordship Rt. Rev. E.O Chukwuma Bishop of Anglican Church said that the problem we have in Nigeria is not only the Leaders but also the led. He said that Bishop Chukwuma has always said that many of us are not proactive e.g at the traffic light, people who we revere in the society still drive beat the red light. We should stand by people to defend the innocent. We should not be late to our work, to our offices etc. We don’t do charity with our Government jobs, companies as the owners want results. We should begin from our homes. We are all leaders. We must hold our leaders accountable. He said that our people would always say that nobody wants to die.

RIBA- Right Based Approach to demand accountability. We don’t ask questions because we are afraid hence the freedom of information Bill has been passed. We don’t have to clap for Leaders for building our roads. We should approach them as our right to demand accountability. Ask questions-keeping silent is a dangerous thing.

Four Temperaments in Leadership: Phlegmatic, Choleric, Sanguine and Melancholic. A Leader should first of all choose whom to work with.

2 Samuel 6, talks of triangulation of power. The first thing that David did was to bring back the Ark which was carried by the wrong person. He had to pray. Ask questions, find out and do something: People are just beside the Leader taking their salaries and doing nothing. We should do the SWOT analysis in our homes and offices. (SWOT- Strength, weakness, opportunity and threats).

Triangulation of power is all about allowing the Levites, the priest and the Kings to do their work. (Kings, Judiciary and the Legislature).

Prof. Who talked on the problem of productivity. In the villages, young people come to ask for hand out from him. A 75 years old man who is retired and later they go back to watch movies doing nothing whereas the age of productivity should be from 20 – 60 years. We should ask ourselves what have I done today. Therefore, this Daniel Ukwu Leadership Foundation should be inculcating to the young people the art of productivity, going to occasions in time etc.

The Chairman commented on the wrong use of internet etc Prof. Joy Ezeilo- commended the Founder whose dream over the years has come to fruition- as a visionary leadership.

She talked about their programme in the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria all through the night which discussed on Nigeria’s 53rd independence where people questioned the leadership and the followership. A Leader must have vision, character and strength of character. Leaders are not born, but some have leadership placed on them by their positions who start early to assume leadership. One of the outcomes in their Radio programme all through the night was to have a Leadership school or center in the county.

She recommended having a leadership foundation like this Daniel Ukwu Leadership Foundation where poverty, push and pulling syndrome, trafficking, irregular migration, and death on the desert, killings, kidnappings, smugglings, are rampant outside Nigeria.

One can labour with dignity here in Nigeria instead of suffering abroad.

She mentioned about those in detentions in one Island before their destination and they refused to come back because lands were sold for their travels. She advised the Foundation/ Daniel to live by example, have a system, build a system, have partners, WACOL to help him etc.

One of the daughters of late Nwafor Orizu- asked why we keep on mentioning some Leaders like Azikiwe, Awolowo etc these days as what we have are politicians who acquire wealth that will not give anything or next generation assets.

She asked DULF to follow the core values of the Foundation and train our youth. We must change our attitudes values and build structures for the future of our country.

Inauguration of Daniel Ukwu Leadership Foundation: Prof. Joy Ezeilo came out to inaugurate and a man of God by name Pastor Vincent Chijindu pray over the Foundation. DULF was incorporated on 12 August, 2012.

Mr. Daniel Ukwu explained how he spent his life working and found out that our problem is leadership. He decided to do something positive in order to change our orientation through leadership training which is the main thrust of this Foundation. The inauguration was done by Prof. Ezeilo with the members of the high table and a group photograph was taken with members of the Foundation Planning Committee. A declaration by Mr. Chukwuka Nnamani was made and we repeated after him. Rev. Ezeji the representative of the Anglican Bishop of Enugu Diocese, Bishop Chukwuma said a prayer after the declaration.